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The IKAGG Leadership Team

At IKAGG, we have some of the finest leaders around. Our entire Leadership Team consists of business people who want to help others grow.


Listed below are the IKAGG Founders as well as the IKAGG CONNECT Team Leaders (in order of their weekly meetings).

Deanna Headshot 2022.jpeg
Deanna Ley, Founder & CEO

Deanna is passionate about helping people grow and realize their potential. She and her husband Chris created the Together Is Amazing philosophy. This simple philosophy, has a profound effect. It means that when we all pull together in the same direction for the benefit of others, amazing things can happen in our lives and our businesses.
TeamLey.Branding.May2022.BTPbyAlison-2929 copy.jpg
Chris Ley, Founder & President

Chris is the man behind the woman. As the President of IKAGG, he works with Deanna to provide the members of IKAGG the services they have come to know and trust from the organization. He has a passion for seeing others succeed and for helping business professionals discover and implement strategies that bring about growth, both personally and professionally. Contact Chris by clicking his picture. 

St. Louis, Missouri Metro Area:

Laura Laurie Headshot.jpg
Laura Laurie, Vibrant Living with Laura

Chesterfield CONNECT
Meets every Tuesday at Epic Empowerment

9:00am-10:30am CST
Jill Hofstetter.jpeg
Jill Hofstetter, Melaleuca

St. Charles CONNECT
Meets every Wednesdays at TRIO Banquet Center & Rentals
9:00am-10:30am CST

Wilmington, North Carolina Metro Area:

Bernie Headshot.jpeg
Bernie Button, Vantage Point Enterprises

Wilmington CONNECT
Meets every Wednesday at Waterman's Brewing
11:30am-1:00pm EST
Angie Smock Headshot.jpeg
Angie Smock, SWELL-Home

North Brunswick CONNECT
Meets every Thursday at SWELL-Home

9:00am-10:30am EST
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