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The IKAGG Leadership Team

At IKAGG, we have some of the finest leaders around. Our entire Leadership Team consists of business people who want to help others grow. ​


Click on each Leader's photo to learn more about them and their businesses.

Deanna Headshot 2022.jpeg
Deanna Ley, Founder & CEO

Deanna is passionate about helping people grow and realize their potential, businesses owners and networking professionals especially. She and her husband Chris created the #TogetherIsAmazing movement. This simple philosophy, has a profound effect. It means that when we all pull together in the same direction for the benefit of others, amazing things can happen in our lives and our businesses. She is on a mission to help business owners and professionals NETWORK MORE IN '24 and is dedicated to helping them Connect, Collaborate, and Grow. 
TeamLey.Branding.May2022.BTPbyAlison-2929 copy.jpg
Chris Ley, Founder & Former President

Up until this year, Chris worked side-by-side with Deanna to provide the members of IKAGG the services they have come to know and trust from the organization. In January 2024, he took on a new position as the Executive Director of the Kirkwood Des Peres Area Chamber of Commerce. Despite the change in his role, his dedication to fostering success, aiding professionals in growth strategies, and promoting the #shopLOCAL and #supportLOCAL movement remains unwavering. Chris is fully committed to creating business connections and helping businesses grow.
IKAGG CONNECT's Team Leaders

For a list of IKAGG's networking opportunities, click HERE.

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